I was happy yesterday. Today is my day to be sad.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I’m a new father. I got a tie and everything! I even have this hat with my 5 month old’s little hand print on it. Its so ugly that its cute! I got to preach to an upbeat group of people. I even got to spend time with my in-laws, in celebration of Father’s Day. Yesterday was a good day.

But, underneath it all was a silent waiting.

You see, this was my first year without anyone to call. I had no reason to buy a card this year, at least not a card that I got to pick out.

My father died this past January.

Luke Russert, I’m with you in this. It really bites.

This is a club that no one wants to be a part of.

Today is my day to be sad.

Tim Dahl