I’m not endorsing the name change.

First off, I’ve gotten to know other Texas Baptists, that aren’t part of the BGCT.  There is a wide and diverse people known as Baptists that live in Texas.  For us to continue to claim that we are the “Texas Baptists” is rightly called arrogance.

Secondly, I do know history…especially the significance of the “G” in the “BGCT.”

Remember, we are the Baptist “General” Convention of Texas.

Here is a quick primer on what being a “General Baptist” means.

You see, I believe in General Atonement.  I believe that Jesus died for everyone, and that God holds out salvation to all that will receive him.  I reject the notion that Jesus only died for a few, select individuals.  I am not a proponent of Limited Atonement.

Yes, there are Baptists in Texas that agree with Limited Atonement; I just happen to believe they are wrong. Huzzah!

I equate changing our name to loosing something of great importance about our identity.  Perhaps the FFC are correct, and people don’t remember.  Well, that is our fault in not teaching them.  Perhaps if we do, we’ll have fewer problems.

Wouldn’t it be great if we remembered that is a strong line of Baptists in our history, other than the Calvinists that the Baptist Identity crowd is rewriting history about?  Wouldn’t it be great to know that there is a strong line in our history of Female Ministers (Thank you Sandy Creek!)?  Wouldn’t it be great to remember our place in getting Separation of Church and State on the books?  For as long as we forget who we are, the right wing extremist will continue to rewrite history, and form us into their image.

Now, for the record, I happen to believe that the FFC is staffed with good people.  Andy Pittman is a stand-up guy, with a real heart towards Jesus.  I happen to believe that David Lowrie is a stand-up guy, with a heart towards Jesus as well.  Pittman is a co-chair of the FFC, and I believe that Lowrie is a member of it.

Guys, please…bring something else to the convention.  Give me a reason to show up that is positive, not negative.  Give me a reason to step out of the exhibit hall; because right now I’m just not feeling it.

For me, being a part of the Baptist General Convention of Texas has special significance.  Therefor, I do not endorse the name change.

Tim Dahl