Even though I’m not officially part of a CBF church, my family has been financially supporting the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship for well over seven years.  One of the things I like to peruse is “CBF Fellowship!”  It isn’t exactly a magazine, and it isn’t quite a newspaper either.  Its to big to be a newsletter, in my opinion; and I enjoy reading it.

…well… Most of it.

No offense to Bro. Vestal; but I don’t usually read your intro piece very often, but I found myself doing it in the November/December 2008 issue (Vol. 18, No.7).

These first two sentences really caught my attention:

Communities of Christian discipleship are the very salt and light that can transform culture.  Churches, as communities of missional practice, are empowered by the Spirit to engage the world so as to transform the world.”

Brother, you speak my language.  Christian Discipleship and Missional Practice.  Now, if we could all just agree to what that means.

Here is another tidbit that kept me reading:

When Christ followers live in authentic community and demonstrate in their shared life a humility, passion and holiness like their Lord’s, nothing is quite so transformative.

That is the kind of Christian I desire to be.  That is the kind of church I so greatly desire for us to be.  “Christ followers that live in authentic community,” sounds almost to good to be true.  “Demonstrating in a shared life,” seems impossible in our age of isolation.  “Humility, passion and holiness;” seem to be anathema in the culture I live in.  Yes, we may banter the words around, but it isn’t anything that we are practicing.

It shows the desperate need of Discipleship that we need, that I need.  The core of Discipleship isn’t learning the Roman Road, or the Four Laws.  It is learning to be like Jesus.  It is doing the things that place us in his presence to be changed by him.

Just some thoughts.