This is a request that I voiced at our local School Board meeting tonight.  It turns out that the student I mentor lives on the wrong side of the street.  Technically, he is not in the Lake Worth School District.  I’ve mentored him for about a year and a half now, and I would hate for that to stop.  He’s made wonderful gains; and I’m afraid that this will cause some loss to that.

Well, for those interested, these are the words that I spoke to the School Board.  I’ve taken out the names, and edited a little bit.  I didn’t originally write it to be read, only to be spoken.

My name is Tim Dahl, I live at <address removed>.

I come asking that you might let the <name removed> family continue within the Lake Worth School District.

A little more than a year ago, I met an astounding young man.  Someone that was energetic, yet thoughtful.  Someone kind, yet bereft with attention difficulties.  This young man is Michael <name removed>.  Principal <name removed> offered me a great gift, when he gave me the opportunity to mentor him.  Over the course of a year, a rapport was gained. A relationship was established.  And, combined with the good work of his teacher, skilled diagnosis of ADHD by a physician, and quality time spent; he was able to make a great turn around in grades and conduct.  Where before, he might have been considered a “trouble” student, now he is a wonderful student.
This is all due to the Lake Worth School system, especially the staff at Effie Morris.  Please, don’t allow his family to be moved elsewhere. To much good is happening, to much ground is being covered for it all to be thrown away over an imagined line going down the center of a street.

I know it goes against precedent.  I understand the economics of it.  However, I also understand that we aren’t to live in a world where all that is fair, economical and pragmatic rules.  If we all “got what we deserved”…well, I shudder at the thought.  Instead, we live in a world that is blessed to have both Justice and Mercy moving hand in hand.  Where Grace rolls down like a river, and opportunity is granted by those of us in places of position.

Please, make an exception in this case.  Allow the <name removed> family to remain and participate within the Lake Worth Independent School District.

I had to leave the meeting early to pick my wife up from work.  I received a message from someone there that the request was denied.  The family will not be allowed to have their kids in the Lake Worth Independent School District.

However, I also have word that there was one member that dissented from the rest of the Board.

Any guess on who I’ll be stumping for when it is time for their reelection?