Twas the Sunday before Christmas…

And, it was good.

We started out with a baptism.  “What better way is there,” you say?  “There isn’t one,” I reply.  I was afraid that it might not go off.  For some reason, we’ve a water heater that is ornery.  But, with the help of one of our wonderful members, he sat there and nursed it until the water got up to 75 degrees.

It was almost warm…but not quite.

Next was the Choir Christmas Concert.  The music was delightful this year, and our 10 person choir did a wonderful job.  Now, if we could only copy a CD as we play a CD…we’ll have it made!

The sermon was…well…  I’m the preacher, so I won’t comment on it.  All I know is that I tried terribly hard not to cough through the whole thing.  I almost made it…almost.

I’m still coughing and hacking.  Perhaps in another three weeks I’ll be all better.

Here’s to hoping!