Today I remember Darren Nix.

He saved my life once, of that I’m sure.

He was always working things, making deals, coming out on top.  Well, one day one of his deals really did put him on top.  On top of the roof!  He got a discount on his rent if he helped do repairs and such to the house he was in.

I have many fond memories of this house.

Well, I asked him what he was doing on a Saturday, and he told me he was going to work on the roof.  I volunteered to help, and he correctly assumed that I had never been a part of a roof repair before.  When we got up there, he told me, “Tim, whatever you do…don’t stand straight up, and don’t look over the edge.”

I nodded, letting him know that I wouldn’t.

We worked.  It was hot, hard work.  Tile is a pain, a royal one at that, and it particularly hurt in my back.  So, about halfway through the day, Darren tossed me a piece of tile to throw of the side of the roof.  I caught it, stood up, stretched just a little bit, and tossed the tile over the side.  As it floated over the side, my eyes lazily followed it down, into the pile of tile and splintered wood that was on that side of the house.  Just about the time it hit, I realized that my center of gravity had dangerously shifted.

I was there, on the precipice.  Teatering on the edge, quite literally.  My balance was going, and I had no way to pull back.

Then, to my rear I heard a voice and felt a tug.

“Whoa there, bubba.  Come back here.”

It was Darren.  He had grabbed my t-shirt, and non-chalantly pulled me back.

I am sure that he saved my life that day…if not severe personal injury.

I remember you this day my friend.  I look forward to seeing you again.  Perhaps one day, when I join you in the great beyond, we can both laugh amongst the shadeful limbs of God’s grace.

Be well,