Ken Coffee has asked TX Baptist Bloggers to focus a weeks worth of writing on the Texas Hope 2010 initiative.

Others have promised to do their part, if not in the way Ken may have desired.  For me, to write explicitly on TH2010, or even Evangelism in general would be a discredit to anyone who might happen by this site.

So, I’m going to Pray.

Dear Lord, please bless any and all attempts to expand your Kingdom this week.  As we know of the TH2010 initiative, we ask for success, as you would have it defined.  I ask that others might pray, might care (tangibly, in the feeding of others), and might share their faith in Christ this week.

In particular, I pray for myself.  You know how bad I am at evangelism.  Make me aware of opportunity, and the willingness to act.

I pray for Ken Coffee, that you might make his efforts beneficial to your Kingdom.

I pray for Rick Davis, that you might expand your Kingdom through him in Brock.

I pray for Wes Shotwell, that you would give him victory in Azle, in the way that only you can.

I pray for Lee Saunders, that you would use him in a great way in Houston.

And lastly, I pray for Mitch Randall at North Haven Church in Norman, OK. May you grant him discerning leadership, wise counsel, and an evangelistic fervor this week.

Thank you Lord.