Dear Lord,

May your Spirit fall upon us as the rain that currently comes down.  May we have opportunity galore, to share your love, to share your goodness, to share the story that you’ve given each of us.  Help many more to pray this day.  It doesn’t come naturally, nor easily.  So, invigorate your people through prayer in our state.  I also ask that you continue to help us to care.  Yes, most definitely in the are of feeding the least of these.  I ask that this week be a week where hunger is lessened, stomach pains abated.  Help us, help me, to act more in accordance to your will in this matter.  Empower us to share.  I’ve already mentioned it.  We already know what to share…your love, your goodness, and the story that you’ve given each of us.  Help us recognize the opportunities, and most importantly – give us the wherewithall to actually do it!  Shed our cowardly skin from us…shed it from me.

In particular this day, I would like to lift up Chet Taylor of Lakeview Fellowship.  He loves you more than I know.  Give him not only the wisdom and clarity of discernment that so many pastors need.  But, also grant him particular opportunities to share with others about your goodness to him.

I ask that you would be with Tom Law this day.  Our DoM has more going on than most of us know about.  Give him depth of insight, clarity of purpose, and a love for you that glows.  Grant him opportunities to share your love this day as well.  Give him a way, within the Tarrant Baptist organization, to Pray, Care and Share.

I ask that you would grant Tommy Teague a special blessing this day.  In pastoring a larger church, I can only imagine the stuff he has in store for him this day.  Grant him great discernment, a loving heart, and wise counsel this day as well.  Give him opportunities of personal evangelism.  Give his church opportunities to meet the real, daily needs of North Richland Hills.

I pray for Albert Reyes this morning.  Grant him an exceedingly generous amount of wisdom and clarity this day.  He has the weight of many children upon his shoulders.  He has been given a heart big enough to do all that you ask of him.  I ask that you might empower him in the areas of Prayer, Caring and Sharing as is expressed in the TH2010.

Lastly, I pray for Todd Pylant of FBC Benbrook.  He has a heart for you and the people of Benbrook.  I don’t know what you’ve got planned for him this day, but I ask for you special care upon him.  I ask for special care for his church, as well as his wife and children.  Give him a blessing that is beyond measure.  Help him to let that blessing overflow through his life onto all of those around him.  Give him those same opportunities to share you goodness, your love and your graciousness.  He has experienced so much of you, give him the opportunity to share his experience of you with others.

Thank you for all you’ve done and all that you’re planning to do.