Heavenly Father,

Today is one of those days.  It is easy to stay in, work on the bible study, get lost in books, and forget about the rest of the world.  Help it to be more than that.  Help it be a day that we get out, meet people that have little to no relationship with you.  Let us go beyond our plush christian boundaries, beyond those of whom we know are safe.  Let us meet more than just the saved, but also those that we’ve forsaken.

Yes Lord, I know that there are those that I’ve forsaken.  They look so different, act so different, seem to be quite repugnant to me.  I’m apologize for my sin of elitism.  Help me to meet someone today.  Break my heart today.  Let this be a day of Prayer, Caring, and Sharing upon my part.

I also ask that you would be with a couple of ministers that have had a personal impact upon my life.

Be with Duane Brooks over at Tallowood Baptist in Houston.  I can only imagine how the pressure to isolate for the large church pastor functions.  I can only imagine how the larger the church may equate with the solitary life of her ministers.  Or perhaps, its the very opposite.  Maybe in the meetings, lunches, and study they find a great business.   Regardless, put someone in his path that needs your grace and mercy.  Help him to be the one that over flows with your love onto the one that needs it the most.

I pray for John Crowe at Riverbend Baptist in Fulshear.  As the founder of that fellowship, I can only imagine that everyone knows who he is in Fulshear.  It seems the curse would be everyone putting on their religious mask whenever they face him.  Give him a discernment today beyond that of other days.  Help him to see through the mask to the pain of the other.  Help him to be your healing balm in their broken lives.

I ask you to be with Gordon Atkinson of Covenant Baptist in San Antonio.  You’ve given him such a wonderful transparency, and authenticity.  Now, put someone in his life today, someone totally new that you can pour your love into through him.

Closer to home, I ask you to be with Dennis Wiles at FBC, Arlington.  I pray that you would minister strongly through him this day.  Not only in the normal way that we think of ministers on a Wednesday night, but on a more personal level.  Help him to get out.  Let him meet someone at the gym, or the local eatery.  Give him a personal connection with one that is in desperate need of you.  Heck, let that person be form Alabama as well.

Now, for right around the corner.  I ask that you would give Lee Sipes of FBC, Azle – a precious blessing today.  Don’t pull a Jacob on him, something else would be nice.  Give him great wisdom this day in handling everything that is thrown his way.  Give him a strong prayer life this day.  Grant him extreme success in caring for others, especially the “least of these.”  Give him someone to share his experience with you.  Make him a spiritual giant this day, more so than any other.  Let people from Lake Worth to Springtown, from Rome to Aledo, know that there is a man after God’s own heart in that place.

Help each of these incarnate what TH2010 means when it emphasises Praying, Caring and Sharing.  Help them to incarnate you.