Yesterday was not the victory I had prayed for.  I have to admit, that I didn’t help the situation by sequestering myself in the church building.  Wednesday went as usual.  However, today I’m out.  Please, make me aware of the opportunities you give me in the areas of Praying, Caring and Sharing.

Among those this day that I particularly lift up to you, I ask you to be with these…your people:

Be with Bob Roberts, Jr.  I have no clue what he’s up to today, but you do.  You and you alone know his schedule intimately, especially the seemingly “unexpected” events of the day.  Give him the opportunity to care for someone today.  Help him to make a tangible difference in ones life.  Even if it is just buying someone a meal that usually wouldn’t have it.  Help him to make a personal impact.

I pray that you would be with Chris Galbraith, from over in Diamond Hill this day.  He loves you, he loves the community you’ve placed him in, and he has a desire to see it won for you.  Strengthen him for this day, and the trials that may come.  Grant him an evangelistic fervor that is beyond the ordinary.  Let someone on the north side of Ft. Worth come to know you through him.

I ask that you would be with David Montoya this day.  As he ministers in his community, be with him in what the olden days called “charity.”  Let him have a countenance of Love this day.  Let people intrinsically know that he loves you, and by extension loves them as well.  Give him great wisdom and clarity of thought as he ministers.

I ask you to be with David Curry this day as well.  My prayer for him is similar to that of Montoya.  Let your love overflow through and out of him onto everyone around him.  Help his heart to be broken this day by the plight of another, someone around where he is at.  Someone that needs the kind of help that can only be had from you through him.

Lastly, I ask that you would be with Ron Cook.  God, you spoke to me so fitfully through him while I sat under his ministry at FBC, Brownwood.  I can only believe that you have a special opportunity for him this day.  Help him to not miss it in the business that is Truett.  He is your man, in your time, at your place.  Let him impact someone outside of his regular circle of influence.

I ask this as your child, hopefully praying in your will.