Well, today is my day off.  I probably won’t get out much, but will have a great time playing with my 17 mo old son.  Life is truly wonderful!  Lord, you have blessed me beyond compare.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I would like to start by lifting up Brent Beasely.  He’s becoming the new pastor at Broadway.  May you use him mightly in that position.  May he come to share the same desire to see TX saved as so many other ministers.  The church you’ve called him to has a great history of “Caring” as we think about in the TH2010.  I ask that you will use Brent to build upon that foundation.  Help to make that church a GIANT in ministry…in our area and around the state.

I also ask that you would look into some non-baptist ministers of my area.

Give Pastor Frank, at Lighthouse Fellowship, a great sense of evangelistic urgency this day.  He may not be officially participating in TH2010, but it will take more than TX Baptist to impact our state.  Empower him, enable him, fill him up so that he can impact this community as their pastor.

I also ask that you would spend some special time with Father Grist.  Let St. Ann’s be a bastion of Prayer, Caring and Sharing in Lake Worth.  Fill him with your Holy Spirit, and through him, to set his congregation on fire for you.  They are such wonderful people, and we need them to see your purposes in our community fulfilled.

We love you, Lord.  Thank you for putting so many diverse souls together with the single care of reaching our area.

Thank you!