If you’ve been following, then you know what I’ve been praying throughout last week.  It is there, you can see it.  I’m sure it will be a year or more before I get around to “cleaning up,” and erasing stuff.

But, as I reflect back upon last week, I see two missed opportunities.  What I see is pride working it’s way through my life.  I had opportunities to thank God in public for obvious blessings in my life.  Let me explain.

First: Lorie, Darren and I went to a local Olive Garden to eat dinner this past Saturday.  There seemed to be many groups there, we were surrounded by them.  It turns out there had been quite a few graduation ceremonies that day.  Well, my son is a flirt.  At 17mos of age, he’s the biggest player I know.  He’s always making eyes at the ladies, and bringing attention to himself.

One of the groups got up to leave, and two young ladies came forward…expressly asking to get a closer look at our son.  This is the consummate “proud papa, proud mama” moment.  “Why yes, he is that beautiful.  Absolutely, his eyes are that blue.  Yes, he gets them from both of us.”

Do you see the lost opportunity?  It would have been so simple to say, “Yes, God has blessed us immensly.  We are the luckiest parents on the planet!  God has been to good to us.”?

But… I didn’t.

Secondly was an experience at a local grocery store.  I was sent on the baby formula run.  I’m sure you know what that is if you’ve had kids.  So, off I go to my favorite little grocery store.

I walk in, grab the formula, and make my way to the cashier.  She seemed about 12 years old to me.  I’m sure she was 21..but man, she looked like a kid!

I hand her the formula, then fish out my debit card to make the transaction.  She asks for my card…So, I hand her the grocery store’s “savings” card.

I had forgotten about that.

She looks at me in a funny way, then say, “You are the first person I’ve ever seen buy that.”

“What,” I say.  “You’ve never seen anyone buy baby formula before?”  I couldn’t believe it.

“No,” she said.  “People just usually use a WIC card to pay for it.  You’re the first person I’ve ever seen actually pay for it with their own money.”

I smiled at her and said, “Well, there are times that my wife and I wish we could qualify for WIC…but, we don’t.”  I pause to enter in my pin number into the debit pad.  Then I finish with,”  But you know, it is nice to be able to pay for your own food…even in difficult times.”

She smiles at me, we exchange the traditional “good nights” and I leave the store.

It didn’t hit me until I got home that it was another missed opportunity!  How easy could it have been to say, “Yes, God has blessed us so much.  Even though we are struggling like so many others, he’s made sure we’ve had everything we need for our family”…?

I’m not talking about a full blown, 4 Spiritual Laws-Roman Road-EE run down of the Gospel.  I’m not talking about guilting anyone into making a profession of faith.  I’m talking about simple gratitude to God for the obvious blessings in our lives…the ability to have a night out…the ability to afford food for our baby.  Things that others are having considerable struggle with at the moment.

Finding the moment to “Testify” is easier to come by than expected.  They can be found anywhere we are willing to live a life of gratitude to God.

God, please give me another chance to express my gratitude for your kindness to someone that needs to hear how good you are.