Its finally over!!!!  *insert happy dance*

Yes, yes I know.  Vacation Bible School is one of the most important things a church can do in the year.  More kids hear the Gospel during that time than any other.  More families have the potential of being reached at this one single time, standing behind only Easter and Christmas.

Yes, yes I know.

I’m just glad its over!  For people that work it, it is one of the most tiring phenomenons that exist.  It is draining, to add understatement upon understatement.

Now, add a sick kid in with the mix and you get added stress.  Add in the kick off of a spouse’s Summer Reading Program, which she heads up at work, and you get even more stress.  This has been an extremely difficult week.

I’ll write about the salvations, post some pictures, etc. in an upcoming post.

Right now, I’m just glad I can sleep in.