Regardless of who you talk to, you’ll probably hear the same thing.

“It was hard, we’re all tired, but it was worth it!”

We consistently stayed within the mid-30s all week long.  Where for some that might seem small, for us it was just right.  None of our workers felt overwhelmed, and a good time was had by all.  Our biggest classes were the 3yr-K, and 1st-2nd grade, but we moved some around so that the student to teacher ration stayed around 5-6/1.

Eight children spoke to me about making decisions, two of them having already (just wanting to make sure).  After speaking with them, I sent them on to their classes.  So, for those that care about numbers, we had 6 children “accept Christ.”

Note: I’m somewhat conflicted about this for multiple reasons.  However, that is something to discuss another time.

Overall, I believe it was a resounding success!  Everyone had fun, no one got hurt, and they were taught about Jesus.  Now comes the follow up.  This has to be the hardest part to actually find success.  So many parents just don’t care.  Sure, they might drop their kid off at Sunday School, for a few hours of free daycare.  But, lets not fool ourselves.  Most of those kids grow up to be just like mom and dad.  True spirituality isn’t taught, so much as caught…and we catch it from our parents (usually).  Pray that something even better comes from this.  Pray that lives are really changed, and people start actually following Jesus.

Here are some pics, enjoy!

Be Well,