ABP says that the SBC has severed it’s affiliation with Broadway Baptist Church of Fort Worth.

This will probably be the greatest day in Broadway’s history. They are finally severed from the shackles of SBC tyranny. But, it is also the severing of a familial relationship. This is something the Devil loves, but that God hates.

When will the fundamentalists ever get it? In their haste to “be pure,” they make the same mistake the pharisees of Jesus’ day did. All they do is harm God’s Kingdom with their hate.

The worse thing is that it happened because of “perceived toleration.”  Their very stance would have made it impossible for Jesus to be a member of an SBC church.  At one time Baptists hated the word “toleration” because it didn’t go far enough.  We were champions of freedom.  Now, it seems that we have shifted to the other extreme.  How did we fall so far?  Forget the facts, if you even “look like” something the extremists dislike, you’re toast.

This is a sad, sad day.