I need you to look after some people.  First off, there is a mother/grandmother combo that I especially ask for you to take care of in Iran.  Keep them safe.  Help them to make it to America as soon as possible.  I ask that you would bring a sense of peace to their child/grandchild.  She is a highly successful business woman (for the Lake Worth area), yet she hurts just the same as everyone else.  She is so worried for her family.  Bring them back together as soon as possible.

Lord, please be with First Baptist Crowley and Brock Baptist Church this week.  They are both having their Vacation Bible School.  They each face unique challenges.  The both face similar challenges as well.  Though, I can’t speak to their unique challenges; I’m confident that you are aware of them.  I’m confident that you’ve more than enough power to handle them.  I’m confident of your love, care and concern for them.  I especially want you to keep the kids and workers safe.  The Texas heat is beyond hot right now.  We are looking at triple digits all week long.  Keep everyone healthy and hydrated.  Let the workers have a keen awareness of their kid’s physical condition.  Help them to be proactive in kid safety.

I also ask that your presence would be palpable at both churches.  I ask that the adults and children would experience you in the midst of this week that goes beyond previous experiences.  Let the kids get a taste of you that they will never forget.  For those children that might be able to make an authentic choice in following you, call unto them.  For those that can’t, plant that seed deep within their hearts for it to spring into bloom when they are able.  Finally, reach out to the parents.  We both know that the parents have the largest affect upon these kids.  Do something with the parents.  Do something that can only be done by you.

Please be with Dennis and his team.  I don’t remember when they are coming back, but that really doesn’t matter.  I ask that you would meet the people of Vietnam in a special way through their service there.  Yes, I pray that some may become disciples.  Please bring salvation to the lost.  Also, soften the hearts of the officials.  Help them to understand that his group has no hidden agenda.  They really are there to just help.  They are there to bring clean water, school supplies, etc. simply because they love them.  They won’t evangelize overtly, only if asked.  They really are there to serve.  Help them in their service.

Lastly, help me to minimize my stupidity this day.  You and I both know what I mean.