Bethany at VBS 2009

Bethany is the 6mo old daughter of my youth minister.  She was born with a cleft palate, way back in the throat.  She will be undergoing surgery to repair the cleft palate tomorrow morning, Wednesday, July 1st.

Please be in prayer for Bethany as she goes through this surgery.  Luckily, she is so young that she will have no memory of this event.  Pray that the hands of the doctors will be sure and steady.

Also, pray for the family: Mom, dad, and big sister as they go through this with their daughter/sibling.  The stress is palpable, to say the least.  Pray that God’s presence will be with them through the event.  Pray that God will fill them with his peace in the midst of their anxiety.

Finally, pray for the recovery period.  I have no idea how long it will be.  She won’t be able to suck on anything, which we know is a primary source of comfort for an infant.