…people that need jobs.

Ok, so I have this little blog.  It also happens to post to my Facebook “Notes,” so that my “friends” can see it.  I started thinking about social networking, and some of the good that can come from it.

I have at least four church members that lost their jobs within the last year to 3 months.

One gentleman is a little older, not really a spring chicken any more, but also isn’t ready for retirement for another 15-20 years or so.  He has a masters in Communications (think: technical stuff related to movies, commercials, etc.).  He also has a Master’s degree in Social work (w/out the practicum hours), and an undergrad degree in economics.  The guy is smart! Oh, and somewhat of a computer geek, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Would anyone out there be able to use an extremely nice, yet candid, and intelligent person like this in your company/business?

I also have a couple of young 20-somethings in need of employment as well.  One is a male in his mid to early twenties, with the majority of work experience being in the gas fields here in Fort Worth.  He is very conscientious and thoughtful.  He’s pondered a call to ministry before (student ministry), so if there is a church willing to hire an intern I would love to speak with you.  He doesn’t have a college degree, but I’m sure that he’ll see the need after spending a year in your fellowship.

I have a young lady (single mom) in need of a position.  Her dream job was working in Childcare, but she is willing to work for anyone that will train her.  Other than childcare, her main work experience has been in the fast food industry (Chili’s, etc.).

Finally, I have a guy in his thirties looking for a position.  His main work experience has been in the area of construction.  Even though he’s worked in many areas of home building, his most experience was found in the cabnitry shop.  Nice guy with a wife and two children to take care of.  He’s a quick learner and a hard worker.

All of these people live in the Fort Worth area.  If anyone can help, please let me know at: tim_dahl@hotmail.com