I just put up a sermon from a few weeks ago.  It isn’t one of my best, and I would appreciate any honest critiques one might give (email: tim_dahl@hotmail.com).  I’m always looking to learn.

The main point of the sermon is this:

God loves the “Least of These” in society.  This includes, but is not limited to, minorities of all types.  Within the context of that particular scripture we see how God lifted up, added worth, to the Slave, the Woman and the Child.  The end of it calls for all of us to do the same for those that “don’t have,” for those that are “the down trodden.”

All of my life, I’ve been told two things by society.

Since I’m White (Caucasion), I’m automatically evil, bad, suspect.

Since I’m Male, I’m automatically stupid…with one exception.  I can have “expertise” in my occupation, but that is it.  In every other way I am relegated to the trash heap.

I look forward to the day that racism, sexism, and all the other -isms are thrown there as well.  I’ll continue to be the bad and stupid one, the butt of all the jokes; while at the same time lift up those around me.  Recognizing the worth they have, as given by God.  I’ll continue to fight for women in leadership positions.  I’ll continue to strive for racial reconciliation.  I will both preach and mirror these things.  I will use my perceived “white-male-status” to give shoulders that others can stand on.  For that is what we are here for, is it not?  We can only see the horizon for the shoulders which we ourselves stand upon.

Let the wold say what it will about this one “white guy.”


P.s.  For all of my Latina friends out there, I’m making an email list.  You’ve just become my ministerial advisors. 🙂