My stomach is having some issues today.  It could be lactose related, it could be medication related, it could have been a bad potato.  I’m not sure.  But, I’m quarantined at home until further notice.

The great thing is that I have time to think!  The bad thing is that I have time to think.

I’m still looking into Reconciliation.  What it is, what it isn’t.  While Forgiveness is part of it, it is not all of it.  Reconciliation always takes place in the midst of two or more, its never a solo option.  Reconciliation has been used to guilt people back into unhealthy relationships.  That is utterly horrid.  Reconciliation may mean that a relationship is mended, but it does not mean that the relationship has to be the same as it was before.

Again, while Forgiveness is a part of Reconciliation, it does not necessitate it.  Don’t let someone guilt you back into an abusive relationship.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is:

Why do so many people hate Law Enforcement?!  That is just insane.  Yes, there are bad apples.  Hello, Police Officers are human too.  But, I will never assume the worse of any Officer for this simple reason.  Their job necessitates them to run to that which my survival dictates I run away from.  I have been blessed to know many fine Officers in my limited lifespan.  I love you guys and gals!

Personaly, I believe that Cop Hating should be labeld as a type of discrimination.  It seems to be similar to Racism, Sexims, Agism, etc.  People just can’t seem to rationally respond when Law Enforcement comes up in the conversation.  That has to be some sort of syndrome.

Again, too much time to think…remember?

So, here are my theological theories as to why so many people harbor ill feelings towards Law Enforcement.

1) We are all guilty.  From the day that our orientation towards sin manifests itself in an action of selfishness, we became Law Breakers in the deepest sense of the term.  We have an innate sense of this, something primal in our being.  When we see an Officer, we are just afraid that he or she might know something.  They are Justice personified…and we know that with out Grace and Mercy we are guilty.

2) They remind us that we aren’t God.  We are offended by God’s presence, because it reminds us of what we aren’t.  We want to be our own ultimate authority.  Officers, by their existence also remind us of this fact.  Law Enforcement is the only group that I know of that can legally limit or discontinue our personal rights.  They are a very real authority over us, and frankly that galls us!

So, on behalf of stupid people everywhere, I apologize to our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement.  Yes, I’m stupid as well, for I suffer from the same orientation to sin.  Please know that any anger I show towards you signifies my own deep seated need for forgiveness, and does not reflect upon your character, integrity or honor.  Thank you for holding up the mirror of truth that reminds me that I’m not God.

Final thought of the day:

Lactose Intolerance is a pain…you can guess where.