On behalf of stupid preachers, denominational workers, and retired associational workers, I would like to apologize.

No, I’m not talking “in general,” even though I could.  I’m talking about a situation that happened at our last Associational Executive Board meeting (yesterday). It not only felt awkward, but I felt more than just a little embarrassed at the situation.  The worse  part is that it happened between two people that I dearly love.

Jay, the extent of your mistake in no way justified the response you suffered in the meeting.  I’m not sure why he felt the need to state his displeasure in such a way.  I’m not sure why any of us choose to do such things in an open forum.  It is especially hard for me to resist zoning out when someone begins with, “in all of my years.”

However, I am proud of how you handled it.  You took full responsibility.  You didn’t try to lay the blame at any one else’s feet.  Your contrition seemed sincere, and you responded with all humility.  Thank you for treating our elder brother with due honor and respect. He has fought the good fight, he has stood the test of time.  For that, we always give our attention to his voice.

I think it has to do with power.  Truth be told, we don’t really have a whole lot of it.  Yet, we seem to desire it so much!  Throw us into a situation, like an Exec Board meeting; and watch the chests swell.  Even though we may not have a whole lot of power in our present circumstance, we can definitely wield it in monthly business meetings.  For some reason we even equate this with our ability to speak, and to speak loudly at that!

I just wanted to say that I appreciate you, and what you do for us.  I would also ask one thing of you though.  Instead of you never taking on the responsibility of getting things together for the meeting, ever again; I ask you to take that responsibility on at least one more time.  Triumph over it!  Get it all together, and make it the very best it can be.  Use it as a moment of potential growth, not as point of loss or limitation.

Your Friend,