My family is traveling to H-Town for the BGCT’s Annual Convention. Actually, I’ll be at the convention, while my wife and child are visiting with grandma.

I’ll endeavor to tweet my way through it. I’ll try to get a blog up when I can, though that will probably have to wait until the evening. It will be interesting to see how my iPhone battery holds out.

To be honest, I’m not expecting much to happen. Lee won’t be there to offer his motion, and everything else seems to be business as usual. But, I’m looking forward to seeing some college and seminary friends. I’m especially looking forward to seeing my college proffs.

There are a few break out sessions that look interesting. There is one on the missional church concept. We’ve not had a viable BGCT person on that since the let Minatrea go. Let’s face it, the last time a convention related committee was told to look towards the future; the came back with a name chang. I’m expecting TX Baptist to realize that God’s heart is a Missional heart about ten years after everyone else. Still, there is at least one break out session this year.

I’m also interested in the young leader discussion. Granted, this will be my last year to be a part of it. The cut off age seems to be 35. I turn 36 in December. I think there is another session on pastorial leadership that is being offered. If so, then I might go to that one instead. I believe this to be my weakest area, and will seek out all the continuing education on it I can.

There is a session on Spiritual Formation, that I’m praying goes beyond the drivel that has been passed onto us so far. I haven’t heard a half way competent speaker on it since the days of Epicenter. Most of the time it is focused on teachers (read Sunday School teachers) giving there students more “real life application.” There has been a repackaging of the 80’s Sunday School methodology, masqaurading as Spiritual Formation/Transformation. Please, will somebody bring back Dallas Willard, or Bob Roberts, Jr.?! Seriosly, someone actually experiencing it would be a big plus. Well, I’m going to see if anything different is coming down the denominational pipe. Who knows, miracles still happen.

I’ll see you later,