Heavenly Father,

I would ask that you might bend your ear.  I know what Scripture says about coming “boldly,” and all that, but I also know who I am in relation to you.  I owe you everything, everything that is good and worthwhile within me comes from you.  So, I come seeking your presence, knowing I deserve absence.  Thank you for being more than willing to give me your caring attention.

Please look in on Russ today.  I’ve not taken the opportunity to check in on him as I should.  He is always such a great guy to be around and mess with.  Please keep him safe.  He willingly puts himself in harms way so that nOObs, such as I can remain safe.  I ask for clarity to be bestowed upon him.  Concerning what, I’ve no idea…but, you do.  Help him in the areas of relationships and fatherhood.  Let him know that you care for him, and take an interest in who he is.

I ask that you might be with Rick this coming week.  He’s taking some time to get away and reflect.  Let it be both a peaceful time, as well as a convicting time.  To many guys like me, he’s seen as a mentor.  You don’t think of negative aspects of a mentor’s life and personality.  You don’t think of them as sinners, in need of their Lord’s daily care.  Yet, he still desperately needs your daily care.  Spend some special time with him.  Let his time of reflection be a time of transformation.

Be with Steve this week.  Give his family a great victory.  It is great to see a couple that loves you, and is committed to you.  However, that doesn’t mean they are without care.  Even though I may not know any specifics, I’m sure they are in need of your care this day.  Urge them, call them, empower them towards your will.

I pray for my friends who may be interviewing for jobs this week.  Give them great victory in this.  I’m assuming that it is in your will.  Of course, if you have something different for them in mind, let them know it.  Otherwise, help them to get the jobs they so desperately need.

Last of all, be with our church.  Help us to actualize some things.  Give me wisdom as people look for me to make decisions.  We want to grow, but mostly just in numbers.  I ask that we might grow in Christ-likeness.  Let that be in my heart as well.