Dear First Baptist of Lake Worth,

I hope that everyone experienced a joyful Christmas.  In the midst of the six hour drive to Hempstead, and the four hour drive back, my mind kept coming back to you.  I feel that I am truly blessed to be your pastor.

I can’t begin to say how proud of you I’ve become.  You went beyond yourselves in our Foreign Mission’s offering.  People would have understood if we hadn’t been able to meet our goal.  But, in the midst of the Recession, you overcame.  When asked to give, you gave repeatedly and sacrificially.  During a time of pessimism, darkness and fiscal depression; you lit a light of joy within me that is hard to explain.  Yes, it would have been considered a small thing to most congregations.  Most people out in the world won’t even come close to understanding.  But, I saw a love for our missionaries in concrete action.  I saw dedicated giving during a time financial frivolity and selfishness.  We abundantly exceeded our goal, with a week to spare; all because of you.  It helps me to look forward to what we can do in the upcoming year.

Just know that I’m proud of you.  I’m proud to be called to this church.  I’m proud to carry the mantel of pastor for this congregation.  Thank you for making it so.


Bro. Tim

Pastor, FBC Lake Worth