There’s been so much on the news, on the radio, just so much information. My heart continues to break for the people of Haiti at this time.  We have a chance to be Christ to others now.  I pray that we take advantage of the opportunity to qualitatively love others without any expectation of recompense.

That being said, there are a hundred and one ways to donate.  Our church is sending it’s donations through the Texas Baptist Men.  They are a great organization that does wonderful work.  We also listed the donation information for Doctor’s Without Borders.  We’ve all heard of the desperate need for medical personnel and associated items.

Since I was sick yesterday, I spent the majority of it on the couch watching Fox News.

Yes.  That Fox News.

Anyway, there was a reporter at one of the many badly damaged orphanages around the area.  This lead me to look in on a college friend of mine (Christine Moers), who has adopted from Haiti.  Needless to say, she’s been blogging more than a bit about it.  One of her posts was of a benefit concert in Austin.  She had links to some of the artists, which eventually lead me to this YouTube video.  Aaron Ivey’s family has already adopted one child from Haiti, and has been in progress of adopting a second.

This video simply speaks his heart.