Frontline had a good presentation last night called, “Digital Nation.” It was all about being digitally wired, always plugged in, those of us born into the age of the interwebz.  We think we can multi-task.  We do three to five things at once!  We study, listening to music, posting on FaceBook/Twitter/Email/WoW/Farmville/name your favorite web endeavor.  We are so proud of ourselves…yet, we are so bad at it.  They mentioned a study going on at Stanford where they are finding out that in the end, those people – having grown up in the digital age – that supposedly are soooooo good at multi-tasking; tend to be horrible at everything they are trying to do simultaneously. Go ahead and take the time to watch it…online. 😀

So, I’m convicted.  I’m plugged in, digitally wired, wirelessly connected.  I am utterly distracted.

I used to read.

Yes, I still read; but I’m not talking about sermon preparation.  That is part of my job.

I mean, I used to read things out of pure enjoyment.  I read series after series of sci-fi novels.  There’s wasn’t a fantasy novel by Terry Brooks that I wouldn’t pick up.  Yet, now when I’m supposed to be reading three  books at the same time (some are a reread); I find that I’ve finally finished a horribly short little work by Eugene Peterson…Months after beginning it.

Back before college, I would have finished in one sitting on a Saturday.

“The Contemplative Pastor,” is a great little book.  I highly recommend it to everyone in ministry.  It is barely 171 pages long, so short as to almost be considered a short story.  He is so utterly readable, that I can’t blame the book.  It has to be me.

So, I am committing to read an hour a day, unrelated to sermon prep and bible study.  During this time, the email applications shall be closed; the phone shall be on silence, and I shall temporarily be unplugged.  Perhaps something shall be gained which was lost.