A friend of mind told me that Apple markets two things really well. It sells people Cool and Dumb. His critique is that they really don’t sell anything new. For instance, we’ve had touch screens, and tablets for years. Apple just makes them look cool. Secondly, he said that Apple dumbs everything down. In dumbing everything down, it makes it hard for someone that knows what they are doing to get the computer to actually do what s/he wants.

With a sense of finality he concluded, “See, they sell Cool and Dumb.”

My response was, “Of which I’m eternally grateful.”


This brings me to my current thought.  There are some things that I desire to know a great deal about.  I desire a great amount of control in those areas, the kind that only comes with expertise.  One of the areas that I don’t desire that much control is in my technology.  I want the plug-n-play variety.  I want it to work, and to be reasonably easy to figure out.  I don’t need access to it’s “kernel,” nor any other systems ability/function. You might say that I want the “Dumb” that they sell.  If so, then I’m guilty as charged.

Secondly, and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I want the “Cool” as well.  Ever since I laid my eyes on the first Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, Buck Rogers, Lost in Space episode; I’ve been wanting the “Cool” space-agey gadget kind of stuff.  I think one of the first times I saw what today I would describe as a “tablet,” was in Star Trek: Next Generation; when Wesley Crusher was working on some homework on one.  I loved it.  Fast forward to Stargate: Atlantis, and they are walking around with the clunky Tablet/PC versions, and I still thought it was just the neatest thing ever!  So, one can understand if I go through a “geek out” phase with the advent of the iPad.

What can I say, my inner Treky is delighted.

Of course, I won’t be able to get one any time soon.  They will probably be releasing their third generation device before I’m able to get the current release.  But still, I’m looking forward to it.