Albert Reyes has to be one of my most favorite of people.  It all started while having coffee after he spoke at our local pastor’s luncheon.  He was going to run for president of the BGCT, and I asked him a pretty hard question concerning it.  Most of the guys there jumped to his defense, attacking me for even asking the question.  Well, afterward he came up to me and told me that he really wanted to respond to my question.  That began a multi-year conversation, in which I grew in respect, honor and affection for Albert.  He’s one of the godliest men that I know.

Well, now he’s been made the President of Buckner Benevolences!  Granted, it has been a little while since it happened, and this isn’t exactly breaking news.  But, I sincerely wanted to say a very public “Congratulations,” for I know he’ll do great in his new roll.

Below, you’ll find the video put together by Buckner to give people a taste of who Albert is.  Enjoy!