Man, am I glad the Primaries are over!

We had call, after call, after call…all recorded messages, of course.

One that we had a lot of was from the:

Concerned Women for America, from 202-607-2954.  I did a reverse look up, and it is labled as a cell phone. When I called it, it went straight to voice mail.

The second call we got a lot of was from the Law Office of Rebecca C Lucas.  That number is 817-870-9869, at least that is the one that came up on caller ID.  They do answer that number if you call.  It was a sweet secretary, very kind.  Did I mention that they called us, a lot?!  Yeah… It was often around dinner time, and late at night.

From what I can tell, both of them were stumping for Republicans.  This tells me that they obtained our number from a Republican Source, maybe the Primaries from last year.  Regardless, they both called us A LOT, AND AT INAPPROPRIATE TIMES!

Wouldn’t it be great if people called them, and tied up their phone lines…just because?  I think it is a great idea!