Jolly Holiday is an outing between the kids, Mary and Bert.  Mary and the children are off for an outing in the park when they run into Burt.  Burt’s job of the day is that of a Screever.

Think, sidewalk chalk artist. Early forms of tagging, maybe?  😉

So, they run into Bert as he is drawing pretty pictures in the park and the interaction begins.  Bert can’t believe that Mary Poppins is “just” taking them to the park.  Afterall, an outing with Mary Poppins is an adventure, or so Bert says.  He said that it can be a down right “jolly holiday!”  Which is where we begin.

They end up jumping into one of his chalk pictures, a beautiful English landscape.  The children go to play at a fair, and the audience is lead on a musical journey as Bert and Mary walk down a path. Basically, the song is an ode to Mary.  How every day with Mary is a jolly holiday.

However, and this is where I would like us to pay attention.  For just a brief moment, Mary turns the attention upon Bert.  While he had been singing about how wonderful she is, she begins to sing about how wonderful he is!  How he is kind, gentile (aka – ‘jenteel’), a pure blue blood, and etc.  In the beginning, he is in totally agreement.  But, after a bit, he begins to be a little embarrassed.  You see him puff out his cheeks.

Perhaps, Mary is being a bit generous with her praise.

Perhaps, Mary is calling out the best in Bert, more-so than articulating his present qualities.


This is what God does with us.  I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that, “God loves us enough to accept us as we are.  But, he loves us too much to allow us to stay that way.”

God, in Christ, continually calls us forward, calling out our best, moving us toward our fullest potential.  When God looks at us, he doesn’t just see our present qualities.  At times my presenting qualities are not the best marks of my character.  But, he is there singing in our ear, about the jolly holiday he’s having with us, articulating the best that he sees in us, and the potential burgeoning within our souls.

Yes, we are diamonds in the rough, but diamonds none the less…or so God sees us.  He is looking to shave a bit there, crack a piece off here, do a bit of polish upon us.  His desire is that we conformed to the image of Christ, the most self-actualized person ever to grace this earthly soil.

If we have any problem that supersedes others in this area of our lives it is, 1) looking upon Christ as divinely untouchable, and therefore ultimately unable to be imitated; or 2) we recreate who he was in our own image, so that no actual transformation is required.

What a shame.

We are called to be better.  We are called to be more.  That is our Jolly Holiday.