Yesterday was a fairly crazy day.

The day began around 5am.  Nothing unusual.  Plenty of people wake up around 5am.  I was at the church by 7:30am, trying to get a few things done before a funeral at 9:30am.  There was no funeral home involved, which meant I got to do all those things they now neglect to teach you in seminary regarding funerals…since, funeral homes “usually” take care of them.

Guys and gals, “usually” means that there will be times when it isn’t taken care of.  Better learn to do it now, and not the day of.  Luckily for me, it wasn’t my first time with that experience.  Everything went off really well.

The church finally cleared around 10:30am.  At which time I went home to change clothes, picked up a few things from the church, and went to mentor an elementary student from 11:15-12:15.  That was a joy.  I brought my guitar, and we wrote a song about his skateboard.  I even have a digital copy on my phone.


Got back to the church, and received a call from a young lady (another elementary school student) who had finally figured out the time for her surgery, and she wanted me to know.  It was going to happen in about an hour!  This was around 1:30pm.  So, I finished up what I was doing, and drove over to NW Fort Worth for the surgery.  The doctor was 2 hours late, and the poor thing wasn’t able to get home until after 4pm.  I’m back at the office by 4:30, and I get to help a couple in need of food.  We have a small food closet, so we are able to give some assistance.

I get home around 5:30pm, give Lorie and Darren a kiss; and head off to the City of Lake Worth’s City Council meeting around 6:15pm.  The city messed up some of our floor tile, and their insurance company said that an overlay of the messed up tile would cost over $3500.00.  They are willing to give us a little over $1900.00, but not to pay for all of the damage sustained.  So, the City Manager asked the City Council if they would give us the difference.  They said they would, if no changes in the current contract are made.  I know that $400.00 a month, for 3,100 sq feet is a sweet deal, but the cost of doing business has gone up over the past four years that it’s been in effect.  We’re praying about accepting their conditional offer or not.

I leave the City Council meeting after 8pm, and head to JPS Hospital.  It turns out that someone else is there from our community of faith.  I do my last visit for the day, and end up home around 10:00pm.

I’m glad I don’t do that all the time.  Having no time with my wife and child isn’t worth it.  But, having those super busy, fun-filled days are to be expected at times.  In those cases, it is just part of doing ministry.