I was recently diagnosed with a case of the Shingles.  Basically, I have a cluster of blisters on my upper left shoulder, that burns and itches a little.  It’s the Chicken Pox-Redux.

I’ve been asked a few questions, one of which is: “What are you stressed about that suppressed your immune system?”

Now, I have no idea if a stressed suppressed immune system allowed this to happen, all I know is that I itch.  But, it got me thinking.

The church financial’s have been in the red for some time.  We weren’t so hot before the recession, and it’s even worse now.  Obviously, this is a point of stress in my life.  I live with 2 cats, a two year old child, a pregnant wife, and we’ve been letting a friend live with us until April 1st.  Tell me that doesn’t add a little stress in my life.  I officiated a wedding this weekend, which even though was a joy to be a part of…even joy brings tress.  Most of all, the church continues to fall in attendance.  It is mostly attrition.  People haven’t actually “left” us for years.  But, we’ve had some more deaths, and one key family is moving because of work.  As the pastor, I feel it all very keenly.  Yes, there has been stress in my life.

Yet, when I see a video – like the one I’m presenting to you – it puts it all in perspective.  I’m very blessed, Shingles and all!  I bet you are too.


Note – I originally saw this from a post on Glocal.net.