It has been one of those days.

No, it has been one of those weeks.  I have quite a few things running around in my mind, and I desire to get them out.  If it seems random, or slightly stream of conscious; then please forgive me.

First off, the Shingles seem to be getting better.  Not totally over them yet, but close.  This was a wake up call of sorts.  I’m sure that this came on due to stress in my life.  Well, I’m doing things differently; and I hope to continue in this vein.  I also look forward to it totally being gone.  I need a haircut, and I greatly desire to sleep in my bed again!  We’re taking no chances since Lorie is pregnant, so I’ve been bunking on the guest bed.

Next, I can’t get my head around why so many people seem to care about churches dying in America.  Yes, I know there are haters, and they might be over joyous.  But, what about those people who self-identify as “Christian?”  I must admit that I don’t feel that Seminary prepared me for this.  To be honest, my undergrad didn’t either.  But then again, my wife says that I do best when I’m “winging it.”  I really don’t enjoy “winging it.”

I finished reading a book called, “Leading Turn Around Churches.”  It started out rough.  No, let me rephrase.  The beginning was bad, really bad.  The guy made a comment about “conservative churches” being more devoted to Scripture than “liberal churches.”  That was why the “liberal” churches where dying.  Well, here’s a clue to the author – “ALL OF US ARE DYING, INCLUDING YOUR PRECIOUS DENOMINATION!”   Since he started out with a false assumption, I didn’t hold out much hope for the rest of the book.  But, I’m glad I kept at it.  There was some really good stuff later on.  It just goes to show how God can hit a straight lick with a crooked stick.

Next, I finally got a book in from Thomas Nelson Publishers!  I’m excited about it.  I need to read it, and then post a 400 word review of it.  I must say, I’m pumped about it. I start the book tomorrow.


Yes, it was that good.  The ending was priceless.  What was really interesting was how everyone was giving hugs and high fives at the end of the game, even though they may not give the other the time of day outside of the Ballpark’s walls.  Such a disparate group, yet brought to a point of unity around a hope of their baseball team winning.  It was truly amazing.  I can only hope that our church can find a common rallying cry, a point of unity, a goal to strive for as a congregation.  Actually, I’m looking forward to it.


Edit: You Must See The Blind Side!  Oh My Gosh!  It was Soooooo Good!!!