From the moving, “Ratatouille.”

The waiter is taking the dinner order from a food critic.

Mustafa: [taking Ego’s order] Do you know what you’d like this evening, sir?
Anton Ego: Yes, I think I do. After reading a lot of overheated puffery about your new cook, you know what I’m craving? A little perspective. That’s it. I’d like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?

Perspective.  Easy to say, but hard to come by.  We live such cocooned lives, such insular existences, that we lack perspective.

Let me say that again.  I live such a cocooned life, such an insular existence, that I lack perspective.

Yeah, that sounds a bit better.  Perhaps even more honest.

This past week, I was given some well seasoned perspective.  The first came from a young lady that used to be a regular participant in our youth group.  Her dad is in the hospital, and not doing very well.  I was invited back into their existence, and I think along with me they invited the Lord in as well.  Life had not been easy on the daughters.  In some ways it had been very rough.  But, here they were, speaking in their usual way with a preacher in their midst.  A commonality holding them together, worry about an ill father.

Secondly, a young man came by to visit.  This is another that used to be a part of our youth group.  But, now at an aged 20; he’s seen more of the dark side of life than should be allowed.  Yet, he still stopped by to talk.  We stood in the cool night air, him bringing me up to speed on his life, his baby mamas (yes, that is a plural word), and his children.  We talked about work, family, trouble, and existence in general.  At the end, we parted not with a hand shake, but with a hug.  A strong, tight hug as only men can give.

Finally, some perspective was brought in a personal illness.

I was sick on Sunday.  Not the, “Oh, honey I feel sorta bad,” kind of way.  Instead, this is the wake up, rush to the bathroon, and pray that Hail Mary to the Great Porcelain God “RALF.”

I’ll wait a second as that secures in your mind’s eye.

Got it?


Well, during my body’s involuntary behavior, I thought of the very possible situation of someone else preaching for me that day.  I have three guys that I call when this happens.  They are three men that I deeply trust and hold great affection toward.  Well, I was afraid to call one in particular.  You see, I loudly disagreed with him in a public setting.  I was afraid that I may have hurt his feelings, possibly making him angry with me, and thus breaking the relationship.  I made a special effort to encounter him today. I had to see if the relationship had been broken.  I had to make amends, for he was one that I cared about.

You see, relationships are just far too important to let them slip away.  Whether they are with the young that seem to so easily transition into and out of our lives.  Or, the relationships with out elders, that seem to come into natural conflict as we find ourselves in disagreement with them.  The relationships are the most important things in this life.

These are people for whom Christ died.  These are those made in the very real Image of God.  These are the ones that His heart breaks over.  These are those, that if I walk closely with the Lord, my heart also breaks over.

Thank you Lord, for a little perspective.