The past week and a half feels as if it has been nonstop.  Along with my regular schedule of worship services, bible studies, visitation, study time, and such; I had the opportunity to preach two funerals.  On top of that I was able to meet up with a previous acquaintance.  I met him at youth camp.  He was the youth pastor of a larger church, and was coordinating the camp. It was a great camp, by the way. Now, he is the lead pastor at a new church plant in the area. I was also able to attend our local ministerial alliance meeting.  That was good fun, mixed with good food.  I’ve spent more than a couple of evenings at the hospital as well.  Yeah, it’s been a busy week and a half.  Actually, you can probably say two weeks and be closer to the actual number of days.

It is amazing how quickly things change.  You go from crying with one family, to shaking hands and hob-nobbing with other pastors in a moments notice.  The presenter at the ministerial alliance meeting was really good, but he kept wanting more reaction from the group.  I don’t know if he was fishing for “amens” or what.  Finally, I got tired of it.

He made a comment about wanting to get us “stirred up.”

“Dude, I may be in total agreement with you,” I said, “but, after eating so much pasta, I’m not getting stirred up over anything.”  In my heart though, what I wanted to say was; “Dude, I may be in total agreement with you…but, it’s been a crappy week.  Just get on with it already!”

I don’t make the switch so easily as others.  I tend to hold onto a previous situation, even while transferring into another one.

Later on that afternoon, I sent out an email.  I emailed three pastors in the Lake Worth area that seem willing to partner together, or at least interact. 🙂

This morning, we met for fellowship and prayer.  What can I say, it was good.  It was good to be with others of like minded endeavors.  It was good to be with people of similar passion.  It was good to be with people of similar struggles.  I got together with a brother from the Assemblies of God tradition, and another brother from a Nondenominational tradition.  It was good to share this thing called life.

Yeah, life is done better when it is shared.

So, who have you been able to get with that understands where you’re coming from?