I recently got back from a luncheon.

It was a great time, with great people.  The table I sat at was great fun.  We cracked jokes, in the midst of very serious, reflective questions.  We did the work asked of us, but we had fun doing it.  Most of us knew each other, we shared common experiences.  The one “new” person to the group was quickly included.  We all were able to give and take in the verbal exchanges.  No one was left out.  Everyone was included.  Again, it was great fun!

On the way back to the office, I reflected a bit upon the experience.

With the exception of one other person, every other person sitting at our table had earned doctorates.  There were seven of us, by the way.  Sitting at this table were all men, with a couple of common experiences.  We had been, or currently were pastoring.  We had retired missionaries, current college professors, even a talk show host at the table.  We had men who were held in great esteem by their communities.  We had all gone through a similar educational experience, which was what the reunion was about.

Sitting in traffic, it came to me.  By sitting down at that table, I probably dropped the collective IQ by about 20 points!  I’m not kidding, not one bit. Yet, never once did I feel inferior to these men.  They were welcoming, grateful for the interaction, and generous in their acceptance.  It was a great honor, just to be among them.

Now, even though I’ve thought about it; I’m not really sure if I’ll ever get a terminal degree.  Every time I meet someone still in school, and they talk about papers/exams/final projects; I thank the Lord that I’m not them.  But, I would like to actualize some of their characteristics into my own interactions.


Help me to be always welcoming, grateful of interaction, and generous in accpetance of everyone you put into my path.


Who has come into your recent experience that you are grateful for?