Discussion of the TBA Pastor’s Conference has reared it’s head again.  First I received a letter encouraging me to take part.  I sent a letter back saying that if I recognized the speaker, I might actually show up.  Otherwise, I would not be attending this year’s Pastor’s Conference. I’ve written some suggestions of my own in a post here.

I also received a document of “suggestions” for the Pastor’s Conference from a dear friend and colleague.  When it was handed to me, it was presented as suggestions to make the Pastor’s Conference better.  However, after reading it I just don’t see any incoming improvement.  Supposedly, this was thought up by a group of concerned pastors.  Well, here it is with my critiques.

1. Pastor’s Conference should be viewed as the chief ongoing, fellowship forum for TBA pastors. Other activities should be scheduled with this in mind.

This is someone’s desire.  It in no way enhances Pastor’s Conference.  This is similar to a dairy farmer saying, “Milk should be considered the chief beverage.  All other beverages should take this into consideration during their promotional planning.”

2. The current program chairman should appoint a three-person committee to enlist officers for 2011.

This in no way enhances Pastor’s Conference.  This can be started, and the Pastor’s Conference can still be the same old thing.  Adding bureaucracy does not inherently make something better.  It could turn out to be a detriment.  See how well it is working for our federal government?

3. Officers of the Pastor’s Conference should include a “president” whose chief responsibility is to preside at the weekly meeting, and a “program chairman” who is responsible for enlisting program personalities

See previous critique.

4. Impromptu announcements, presentations, staff reports, and promotions should be avoided like the plague.

If the Pastor’s Conference was something of value, then I can understand this desire.  However, this does little to enhance Pastor’s Conference as it currently exists.

5. The Pastor’s Conference lunch should begin at __________, and the program should begin at __________.  We should be finished at __________.

Over the past seven years this has not been an issue.  We rarely run long, and the time has been consistent.  Again, this in no way enhances the Pastor’s Conference.

6. Pastor’s Conference should begin with the singing of a hymn, gospel song, or praise chorus.

Depending upon one’s generation, there is a one out of three chance that the song chosen will not enhance the participant’s experience.  This reminds me of the old adage, “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.”

7. Pastor’s Conference should meet every Monday from the second Monday of September through the last Monday of May with few exceptions.  This includes weeks during which the BFCT and SBT conventions are held except when they meet in the Metroplex.

Again, not a significant enhancement.  This really doesn’t bring about positive change within the Pastor’s Conference.

8. The program chairman should solicit from the pastor’s suggestions regarding program personalities.

Taking suggestions is always a nice strategy.  Over the past seven years, they have asked for suggestions.  This has not engendered an overall positive experience with the Pastor’s Conference.

A part of me desires for the TBA Pastor’s Conference to be better.  It would be nice if it was something of quality.  However, a larger part of me is just tired of denominational life and the politics behind it.  It is becoming harder to find redeemable aspects of denominational life, including that of the local association.

Do you have any suggestions?