“Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of the World; Have Mercy on Me an Idiot.”

The prayer people might be familiar with is, “God, have mercy on my a sinner.”

I wonder if the term “sinner” has lost too much meaning.  Or, perhaps it has just become passe, weak, fluffy.  I find religious people willing to admit that they are sinners, in that everyone is a sinner.  Yet, they also believe that they are essentially “ok.”  They are good people, good old boys, nice folks, etc.  I really don’t think many of us think of ourselves as being sinners…not really.

Would it be more meaningful to say that I’m and idiot?  Would it have meaning to say, “Yep, I’m stupid.”  You see, there is a difference between “ignorant and stupid.”  I like to think that “idiot” is a stronger version of “stupid.”  You see, ignorance is curable.  It simple means to not know.  But, idiocy is deeper and more sinister.  The idea is that I know better but I choose to participate in the stupidity anyway.  It is a choice that I know is wrong, but I do it anyway.

I don’t fall into it.  I don’t accidentally step in it.  I’m not caught up in it against my will.  Instead, I willingly jump headfirst into it.  I know what a bad idea it is, I know all the reasons to not be a part of it, I know that it is harmful; but I do it anyway.

I’m an idiot.

God, have mercy on me an idiot.