I want to pray for you today.

The problem is that I don’t really know how.

Should I pray for peace in your life?

I’m sure you need it, I know that I do.

C.S. Lewis mentioned that we hurt as deeply as we love at a loved ones passing.

Should I pray that you hurt deeply in honor of your loss?

I’ve heard that we tend to be purified through trials, that we grow through conflict.

I’m not so sure that I want to pray that you face hard times to better your character.

That just seems…wrong.

So, I pray without knowing.  My spirit groans, having faith that is speaks the language of the Spirit; and thus prays effectively.

I pray for your best, whatever that may look like.

I pray for you a help in times of trouble, a shoulder to help bear your burden, a strong hand to help you up.

I’ll do my best in praying for you.

Even if I don’t know exactly how.

I want to pray for you today.