The past couple of days have been different.

Sunday was…tough.  My better half was sick, so not only did I go through my Sunday Morning Routine, but I got to play the Single Parent Game as well.

It. Was. A. Long. Day.

I don’t remember much of yesterday (Monday).  It seemed to fly by.  The same thing could be said for today as well.

I find myself looking at people. Wondering. Thinking.

“Hey, can I get to know you?”

I find myself entering into a store hoping to run into someone vastly different than myself.  I want the chance, just a chance to say something kind.  Letting a word of kindness, engendered by the heart of God, to flow from my heart towards another.

I find myself thinking differently.  I desire to take my family overseas.  I desire my children to grow up differently, seeing differently, thinking differently.

We are not staying the same.  We will be better for it.