Just some thoughts on the future DoM of the Tarrant Baptist Association.

Personally, I already have in mind the perfect candidate.  But, I don’t know if the search committee would feel the same way.  She would be perfect for the job, however.

I feel sorry for whoever ends up with it.  Lets face it, pastors aren’t the most stable bunch of people out there.  We tend to be woefully opinionated, suffering from both pleasing and pope(ish) complexes.  Perhaps the only vocation that outnumbers us in outright basket-cases is counseling.  It is amazing how ministry tends to bring out the dysfunction in it’s ministers.

For my two cents, I hope it is someone with a servant’s heart.  S/he needs to be a servant of the churches… Actually, that can be out new title for the position:

Associational Servant

I like it so much better than Director of Missions or Executive Director.  It puts into perspective the person’s actual job.  S/he should be about two things: 1) empowering the churches in their God-given mission, and 2) helping churches to plant new churches. At least, that is my opinion on the subject.

I went to their listening session last night. When asked about what we thought a target demographic the TBA should be focused on, Pastor McKissic brought up some good points.  He pointed to how historically most movements started with young people. Perhaps we should do a better job of reaching out to them?  I added, that perhaps we can even put an emphasis on young men.  Men seem to be an MIA group in church life.  I could see value in the TBA staff helping our churches to reach out to that demographic.

I once heard a past BGCT Evangelism Director say something to the effect of: “If you reach the cheerleaders, the football team will show up.” Maybe, if we reach the football team/FFA/Whatever-group, then they will bring their friends/girl friends/BFFs/ or Whatever-group they are associated with. The world seems to be going the way of affinity groups. I just don’t think we ever thought it would start in 5th/6th grade when we started to label kids according to where they showed talent (athletics/grades/reading/music/etc.).

Just a thought.