Yes, it did taste good.

Do you see this?

This is a brownie.  This is the last brownie.  Actually, at the time of this writing the brownie is gone. 🙂

But, what do you not see?

You don’t see a bowl! You know, the bowl where all the magic happens. The bowl that gets all the goodness that is to become a brownie. The bowl where that brownie goodness is stirred together into a lushes chocolate sludge.

Oh, the goodness of it all!

I love “licking” the bowl!  It is one of those things that takes me back to my childhood. Its tasty nostalgia. Its fond memories in chocolate and sugar. Its heaven on earth I tell ya!

Did you know that I’ve not been allowed to lick the bowl in years?

Yes. Take it in.  Feel the sadness seep into your chocolate loving bones.  I’ll wait for you.




Are you back?


Apparently people can get sick from eating the pre-cooked goodness. Something about raw egg, but who’s really paying attention?

My wife is, that’s who.  Invariably, by the time I figure out that she’s baking brownies the bowl is already in the sink full of water.

It makes me want to cry, I tell ya!  But then, I come back to my sense.  Licking the bowl was something I did regularly in youth. It really is a kid’s thing.  I’m sure that I’ll let my own children lick the bowl (when their mother isn’t around >.>).

But, as for now I have to be an adult. I need to concentrate on other things. Other things take priorities, and some things naturally go by the wayside.

Just don’t tell my wife that I still eat raw cookie dough! 🙂

Is there anything that you aren’t doing, secretly wish you were doing, but know you shouldn’t be doing?