I'm a Pepper

I know when I’m starting to feel a little pressured, taxed, and generally stressed.

You see, I’m an emotional eater.  I tend to eat chocolate like it is going out of style. Recently, I’ve discovered that I’m an emotional drinker as well.

My poison of choice is Dr. Pepper!  I’m a Pepper, he’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you want to be a Pepper too?!

It has been that kind of week, or couple of weeks, or actually that kind of month.  We’ve had many people run through the various hospitals of the area.  Most recently, we’ve had a couple of people having surgeries (some more severe than others), and at least one family is very close to loosing a loved one.  Again, it has just been that kind of couple of weeks.

It is interesting how we react to stress in our life. Some ways are more harmful than others, and some are more productive than others. Perhaps one of the best things we can do is pray.  It is a recognition that some things are out of our control. Most importantly, we are willingly putting our concern in the hands of God.

Any stress that leads me into God’s embrace is a stress worth having.

What do you do when you are starting to feel stressed?