What would you say if…

I’m sure you’ve heard something along these lines before.

What would you say if you knew that tomorrow you were going to die?

What would you say if tomorrow the person you were talking to was going to die?

What would you say if…

I’m doing the funeral for one of our longtime members tomorrow morning.  It is finally settling in. She wasn’t there last Sunday, and she won’t be there next Sunday.  She won’t work nursery anymore. She won’t have the pleasure of herding any of my little darlings ever again.

My little ones are poorer for it.

I saw her the Sunday before last.  She was doing just fine.  But, on Monday everything changed.  A major stroke, followed by a heart-attack was the beginning of the end.

To say that she’ll be greatly missed is an understatement. To be honest, I’m still in shock. She was so healthy. So full of life.

My thoughts are as fragmented as this post.

But, I write to say this.  If I had known that my sweet church member was going to be gone, I probably would have hugged her a little bit longer on Sunday morning. I would have told her that I loved her, and that the church is blessed by her very presence.

I would have meant every word of it.

Recently, I’ve become very intentional in my conversation.  I’ve no guarantee that I’ll see you tomorrow, so how can my words, my actions, my presence in your life be an authentic benefit?

As I get older I’m not confident of very much anymore.  But, I’m confident of this:

You are loved.

Remember this today, tomorrow and the next day.

If you really had the chance, what would you say?