*note – I’ve already posted something similar on Facebook, so this is a repeat to my FB friends.

I would like to have my Sunday School Class(es) write letters of encouragement to active duty military personnel.  But, there is one problem: I have no idea where (or whom) to send letters.

I’ve found a few websites, such as: letterstosoldiers.org, amillionthanks.org, anysoldier.com; and I’m sure there are others. But, I really don’t know anything about these sites, which tends to make me leery of them.

Actually, let me make a correction. I have one friend in the military that says “anysoldier.com” is a good site.

Has your church ever sent letters or care packages to active military personnel?  If so, did you go through a particular agency, or did you round up names/addresses from your congregation? What do you think the best way to go about it is?

I sincerely request your advice in this endeavor. We want to serve those in harms way with prayers and action. You can email me at tim@tikesbestfriend.com and/or tim_dahl@hotmail.com


Tim Dahl