I continue to think about happiness. However, I am beginning to lean from using the word happiness to contentment.

For instance, even though I am “happy” with my iPad, I think it would have been more correct to say that I’m “content” with it.

Happiness is such a fickle thing. It seems to be heavily tied to emotions, ones that I don’t particularly have any control over. But, contentment on the other hand, may be a different animal.

I’ve no desire to be ruled by my emotions. I’ve no desire to let how I feel, at any given moment, have control over my actions than would seem appropriate for the situation. I don’t desire for my emotions to control my actions to such an extent that I hurt loved ones, hurt my church, or invalidate my identity as Christian.

So, I am choosing to be content. I am choosing to be content in the happy times and the sad times. I am choosing to be content in circumstances of fullness and emptiness.

I will be content.

This isn’t some arbitrary use of will, though I suppose it could be for others. I would hate it to be based on some sort of innate pessimism, as if “I Just Know” that life won’t get any better. How sad is that?

Perhaps it is because my Lord is planting contentment within my heart. I would like to hope so. Perhaps it is because I’m finding the holy value of the moment; the worth instilled by Divinity.

One thing that I know is that I have been praying for it. I’ve been asking the Lord to grant me more contentment in my circumstance. So, I will believe that he is answering my prayer.

Now, Lord please allot me a portion of holy discontentment, so that I will be motivated in what you have me to do and be.

How will you find contentment today?