I’m blessed to be able to meet with some other local ministers to pray on Tuesdays. One of them said something that stuck with me all day long.

He said, “But God.”

I think another way to say it is, “But for God…” Or maybe, “If it wasn’t for God…”

I have a very early memory. I’m sitting watching Jacques Cousteau as he swims with dolphins, or maybe it was sharks. He always did crazy stuff under the sea like that.

I call out to my mom in the adjoining kitchen, “Mom! What is it called when you work with animals?”

“What?” She yells back at me?

“What is it called when you work with animals?” I yelled again.

“Do you mean a Zoologist?” she asked me.

As if I knew. I had no idea. I was probably looking for Marine Biologist, but I was probably in 1st grade. I was clueless, so I just agreed. Thus was my first dream formed: to be a Zoologist.

But God.

It turns out my family had musical talent. This would identify me for at least a decade. I became one identified with band and choir in Jr High and High School. Even as a Religion major in college, I was in two to three ensembles the whole time. While in seminary, I lead music at a small church even while at the same time dabbling in hospital chaplaincy.

But God.

Now, after a decade of “full time ministry” I find that I’m identified as a pastor. I’m not even close to being identified as a musician. Nowhere even near the same zip code as musician.

But God.

It is weird, this “But God” kind of thing. A new identity is formed, far different from what was expected so long ago. I was going one way, but God stepped in. I had one dream, but God gave me a different one. I had one talent, but God drew out more.

But God.

But God.

But God.

Where would you be if you never had a “But God” moment?