It started a few years ago.

We had a church softball team, playing in the Lockheed league here in Fort Worth. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. I broke out my old bat. I had to buy a new glove. We had our shirts, and it was the night of our first game!

I warmed up as best as I could. I stretched, ran a few laps, threw the ball around. I did what I knew to do.

I remember getting up to the plate, just praying to hit a single. All I wanted to do was get on base!

CRACK goes the bat and the ball starts flying. I’m taking off to first, and I begin to round to second…and then it happens.

My knee wobbles.

Holy crap that HURTS!

Seriously, I almost fell down, and I did not go on to second. I end up getting batted around, and my knee is killing me by the end of the game.

I end up investing in a knee brace, and finish out the season in style.

Next, it is little things. I try to start working out; and I feel some acute, peculiar pains in my knees and elbows.

I remember every torturous event that I put my body through as a younger man. That time I hyper-extended my elbow in college. The time I locked my knee as a camp counselor. That time I totally wiped on the snow in Colorado.

I become acutely aware, that something could be seriously wrong! I start to wonder if I’ve torn something. I start to fear a rather expensive and nasty surgery in my future.

And, then comes Sunday. We head to the in-laws; and we take the kids to the local park. We only have to walk about 1/4 of a mile or so. I’m pushing a 9 month old in a cart. Not really that strenuous of a work out. I run around with my 3 year old. I swing on a swing. Finally, we all walk back home. Nothing really big.

That night, as I get up to start packing the car for the ride home it happens again.


My knee hurts in that pulsing through the upper side of the knee cap kind of way.

Not good.

Not good at all.

I’m now convinced that something is wrong. So, first thing in the morning I call the doctor to see if I can get an appointment.

I got one! Right that afternoon as a matter of fact. So, I hustle on over to see my primary care physician. I explain how horribly I’ve treated my body as a young man, just knowing that a knee replacement in my future. She pokes and prods, asking a question here and there. She starts making the Ohs and Ahs, as appropriate to the seriousness of my stories. She nods sagely as I express my fears of upcoming surgeries.

Then she looks at me in all seriousness and says, “Tim, I hate to break this to ya, but… You’ve not torn ligaments, or any such thing. You’re just getting older. You need to get back into shape, but begin with taking is slow. I’ll get you some recommended exercises that you can begin at home.”

Isometric excercises? Why not just tell me to go pose and flex in a mirror. 😦

Yoga? Seriously, yoga? Why not put a pink bow in my hair and call me a metrosexual. 😦

Walking? WALKING?! Isn’t that for old people *cough* I mean our more senior more experienced folks? I can see my mother with the “Told You Sos” already.

Since when did I get “older?” When did this happen? I was a young man yesterday, but today I’m “getting older?”


Excuse me while I go flex in a mirror *cough* do some isometric exercises.

What are you doing to stay healthy? 🙂