Empty Swing

My wife, and mother of our two children, left on Sunday afternoon for a two day work trip. This left me with being the sole caregiver for my two boys during this time. On top of it, our youngest has come down with an ear infection. This has subsequently made him unable to go to our regular daycare.

Yes, I’m living the Daddy Daycare life at the moment. I’m blessed with two things however. One thing is that my youngest is well tempered, even as a sick child. If it wasn’t for his red goopy eyes, you wouldn’t have guessed that he is sick. He is a little darling. Secondly, I have the wonderful knowledge that my wife of 10 years (as of this month!) will be back tonight!!!

You can’t believe the amount of joy this brings me. Seriously, the thought of her not being here is too much to bear.

Which makes me consider those who are traveling this road of parenthood alone. I pray for you, right here, right now. You bear a burden that is too much to comprehend, yet you do it…day in and day out. You are called upon to make the impossible happen.

Heck, during my little tenure I’ve had two different people come over to watch my kids while I had church business to take care of.

I can’t imagine a life of waking up every morning and realizing that the welfare of my children rests upon my shoulders alone. Knowing that my better half will show up later on today is a great blessing, of which I’m supremely grateful.

For you single moms and dads out there, God bless you. May he guide you, hold you, and be with you through it all.

My heart goes out to you.