We find ourselves in vacation this weekend. We worshiped with FBC of Hays, KS. They were very kind, and we were sorry for missing their luncheon.

You know that the smaller churches seems to have the best food…right?

We returned grandma Gerry’s house after worship to quite a lunch spread. We stuffed our mouths, and it was good! Next, most of the family left for the Memorial Day cemetery visitation.

Alas, Baby Jon had just started his nap.

Who knew that baby nap time was sacrosanct?

Well, I stayed with him so that he could get his beauty sleep.

He is now awake, and expect the family’s immanent return…any moment.


Yes, he is that cute. Beauty sleep is sooooo an overkill in his case. You just don’t get any cuter.

So, we wait. It is relatively quite, with only the soft purr of s playing baby in the background.

I’ll see you Fort Worth guys on Tuesday, when we return.

If you’ll excuse me, I think I need to change a poopy diaper. Baby Jon is giving me that look. You know, the knowing smile that dad is about to have a stinky experience.